Donegal Painting Holidays – Change of Dates!!

Killybegs Harbour – Evening Light – Oil on canvas

OK, I have to confess I should have checked my diary a bit more carefully! Here are the new dates:

Sunday July 1st – Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Sunday August 5th – Tuesday August 7th 2012

Everything else remains the same – Tuition fee: £100 including a light tea with a mini demo on Sunday evening at 7pm and a sandwich lunch on Monday and Tuesday

Painting on location Monday and Tuesday from 10am – 5pm (lunch 1 – 2pm)

I have cleared the dates with those who have already booked so no great harm has been done and my apologies to those who won’t be able to make the new times and are disappointed. I shall be staying on in Donegal for a day or two after each holiday so anyone interested in staying longer and going out sketching with me is very welcome.

Contact me or see my previous post for accommodation suggestions

Here are a few more photos of the area to whet your appetite:


Harbour at Towney

Ancient rocks and monuments in wide open spaces

Yes the sun does shine in Donegal – more often than you think!

Intimate nooks and crannies along the River Glen

Kilcar Main Street


Salmon Leap at Teelin

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