Ballynoe stone circle

This beautiful island of Ireland never fails to amaze me.


Yesterday I visited the ancient Ballynoe Stone Circle. Lying 2.5 miles south of Downpatrick, parts of this site date as far back as Neolithic times and the early bronze age (3000 -4000 BC)


This is the grassy vortex that leads from the main road through what seemed like middle earth to the site and back 5000 years!


The sun was shining, the air was crisp and clear and there was frost on the ground.


In the distance were the blue Mourne mountains.

The only noise was the drone of a distant tractor trimming hedges.


What do these stones mean who put them there and what did they do there?

Excavated in the 1930s the plaque at the entrance states that it’s still not fully understood when various parts were added and for what purpose – certainly partly used  as a burial site – but I have ideas of my own! Just look at the shape of that stone and then compare it to Slieve Donard in the distance – could it be some sort of homage to the magnificent nature surrounding them? Of course this is just fancy on my part as Ireland was probably covered in forest at that stage and the mountains may not have been seen at all from Ballynoe!

A magical,timeless place, surrounded by beautiful countryside


-this is our heritage and it belongs to us all – 20 miles and a million light years from Belfast – I wonder if neolithic folks fought over flags!

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