Drawing with Wire Workshop (2)

Janet Clarke – Wire, Collage, acrylic, inks

In June 2011 I posted a blog from a drawing class on drawing with wire. The results were really exciting and, seeing the potential, I intended to develop this idea. Well it may have taken 7 months but on Saturday(Feb 4th) I tutored a mixed media workshop with the main medium being wire. Mini still lifes were set up for each person (if they wanted) and I demonstrated manipulating the various wires from plain old garden wire to picture hanging wire, copper and silver wire, fuse wire – it’s amazing, when you start looking, just where you can resource your materials! I also discussed how we could fix the wire to the support – staple gun, glue gun,  thread, sealing wax, acrylic paint – depending on the kind of support being used. as in every mixed media practice, it was important to integrate the wire with the other materials.

 With eight people in the class there were, of course, eight different ideas on subject matter, size and media.Below (and above) are a few examples of the work – some of which are works in progress.

Amanda Stewart – wire, collage, embroidery thread, acrylics


Pat Burgess played around with the shadows formed from her wire drawings and then proceeded to sketch the beautifully distorted shapes

Pat Burgess wire, printed fabric, scrim, hessian, hand-made, painted paper

Shirley McDonald  wire, hessian, collaged paintings, paper, acrylics

Florence Patterson  wire, watercolour, acrylic

Oonagh Catchpole – wire, silk, scrim, collaged newspaper, beads, washers, acrylics

 Roberta Lindsay wire, acrylic, newspaper, thread, braid, beads (top)  

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