The Muse has gone

Well one of them anyway. She’s gone to Berlin to start a new life with her new husband. All her life she has inspired me to draw and paint her and has had the patience to sit while I cursed and swore at the scratchings I call drawings! Here are a few of the results:

“Odalisque” Soft Pastels

“Girl in Yellow Dress and New Boots” Soft Pastels


“Red Dress” Soft Pastels

Charcoal Study

“Tring Station June 25” Oil on Canvas

Sketch in soft pastels from figure drawing workshop

“Tea at the Merchant” Soft Pastels

So thank you Mrs Patterson,Jessie, my gorgeous daughter, for being one of my muses. Have a wonderful new life with Neil in Berlin. I’ll just have to wait til you come back to visit for the next painting!

Check out Jessie’s website www.jessicaweberphotography.com

Now where’s that son of mine……………………

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