Starting young

I’ve just had the pleasure of spending the whole weekend with my two beautiful two year-old grand daughters – on my own – the WHOLE weekend! Now I could make some flippant comment about taking to my bed for 48 hours after they’d gone or arranging for the builders to come in to repair the damage but actually it was a delightful experience. I’d forgotten how imaginative and creative little ones are – how easily amused and how unpredictable!

Most of the time they walk around with crayons, pens and pencils tightly gripped in their sticky hands looking for a suitable support to make their artistic marks so, having read so much recently of mini picassos selling their work for thousands of pounds, I decided to clear the decks, don painting shirts and let them loose with paintbrushes and paint.

Below are a few images of the results!

First of all an artist has to learn how to sit at an easel and strike the pose!

mmmmm…………… that bit just doesn’t look right – needs to be knocked back

And now to the serious stuff – let’s get down to business

Strike another pose

This is much more conceptual than painting on granny’s cheap paper ……..

Two heads are always better than one…………

Wonder if the Chapman brothers got this tired?

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