Fun and Pollocks (or a pile of Pollocks!)

Drawing class today again and this time we turned to the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollockand his drip paintings to investigate another form of mark-making.Colours were chosen and mixed in various sized pots. Some paints were diluted to run across the surface of the support,othersthickened with gesso to give impasto effect. Pollock apparently used gloss enamel which I can imagine would have a really good viscosity for pouring.We used acrylics, gouache and inks and we worked on a smaller scale than Pollock. Paper or canvas was placed flat on the ground. Those working outside needed weights to secure the paper but now and again the wind sneaked up under the paintings and added it’s own artistic contributions! With absolutely no attempt at representation the paint was poured, splattered, thrown overarm and underarm, dribbled down sticks, brushes, spoons, shells,and dripped from syringes and droppers.The canvases were approached from all sides – no top nor bottom and the surfacewas  touched with nothing other than paint.I placed two pieces of canvas side by side and rotated them constantly so they were activeright up to the sides and beyond. Below are some of the results but it’s tempting to go back in andcreate more layers.

Shirley McDonald

Pat Burgess

Rosie McClelland

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