Drawing with Wire

Tuesday is drawing day in the studio and this week we were drawing
with wire - plain old lightweight garden wire.
I had set up branches of ivy which I had been pruning the day
before and a couple of lily stems in front of a white background.
At first there were curses and expletives and a lot of twisting of
wire with the pliers in order to make it stay where it was meant
to go and obviously didn't want to go!
Eventually we gave in and relaxed and appreciated the unique
quality of line that was produced by this medium.
I had placed boards with white paper at each place in order
to see the wire drawing as it progressed and,
as the sun popped in and out from behind the clouds,another
dimension appeared - a soft shadowy line
Below are some of the results:
Pat Burgess
 Rosie McClelland

and Shirley couldn't resist getting the paints out!
She sprayed diluted acrylics over the wire with an old-fashioned
diffuser to great effect
Shirley McDonald
Next week we'll develop these ideas.....

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