Art Classes/Workshops Summer Timetable

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New Portrait

Today I did the first sketch of a new portrait. What a great feeling! Neil is the sitter and a marvellous subject he is too.

Jessie and I both sat and drew him in charcoal. Her lines, bold as ever, managed to capture the essence of what is, after all, one of her
best friends.

Today was a study session, now I shall have a think about how I want to portray him although I already have had an idea floating around my head since last year when he sat for one of my portrait workshops.

Jess took lots of photos, some for her, some for Neil and some for me.

Can’t wait to get started!


Rosie McClelland charcoal sketch

and below is a self sketch just to get into the swing of things………


3 Portrait Workshops

Over the past four weeks I have tutored three Saturday portrait workshops. The first for the Pastel Society of Ireland  ( www.pastelsocietyofireland.org ), the second for my own classes ( www.rosiemcclelland.co.uk ) and the third for Armagh Art Club.

There is nothing more satisfying, in my opinion, than drawing the human body whether life drawing, figure drawing or portrait. Almost as satisfying is seeing the results of a workshop at the end of the  day -interesting how different every single drawing is and how each artist consciously or not paints a little piece of themselves into the finished work.

Here are a few examples:

Pat Burgess – soft pastels

Kay McCrory Soft pastels

Roberta Lindsay (detail) oils

Dave Sweet- soft pastels

Jessica Patterson oil pastels

Rosie Mcclelland – workshop demo on contour drawing- charcoal and conte


I shall be tutoring the next portrait workshop on Saturday May 21 and two Life Drawing workshops on Saturday June 11 and Saturday July 16.